JobRoz curates job profile of interesting people looking for a job, every day. We are building a global community to help people find their dream job.

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Our mission is to help 3000+ people find a job.

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We are building a community of job seekers, endorsers and recruiters. On JobRoz, job seekers can upload their information for public view and endorsers helps job seekers to connect to a recruiter by sharing, upvoting and guiding them on their profile to land their dream job.


Job Seekers

Looking for a job? Finding your dream job is difficult and takes a lot of time. Searching for a job is a lonely process & so we thought why not let the collective power of internet help and guide you in your journey.

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Looking to help by endorsing someone? Are you a founder, C-level executive, recruiter, consultant, careeer counsellor, trainer or anyone with the desire to help someone get a job?

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About Us

What does JobRoz mean?

Roz is a Hindi & Urdu word which means Daily. JobRoz is a portal which lists and curates Jobs & People on a daily basis and so the name.

What is JobRoz all about?

On JobRoz, job seekers puts up their CV and profile online for people to view, upvote and share it. If the job seeker needs any help regarding learning something, people can volunteer to help too. We are putting a spotlight on a profile trying to help a person out to the maximum extend possible.

What are the pricing plans?

Nada. Nil. Zero. We do not charge any money from a job seeker and we never plan to charge a money from them in future too. If a job seeker gets a good offer and want to donate us, we will be glad to take a donation.

Who can submit a profile?

Almost anyone above legal working age. We are open to all kind of professionals but initally we would prefer IT related folks to submit their profile. Also we will keep a limit on submission of 50-100 profiles per day.

What about my privacy?

We will not reveal your email, phone and other contact details on the site. However, your photo and other details shall be displayed. This site is all about people who are open to share information about themselves to the world.

As an endorser, what do I get?

Good Karma. Moreover, we will have Karma points too.