Aletsy Torres

Los Angeles, United States
3D artist
I am adaptive 3d artist, looking to push my self and skills.i wanna leave a mark at the places I work at.
  • 3d modeler
  • 3drenders
  • Video editor
Experience 8+ years
Willing to relocate?
  • Office/Remote
  • Full/Part Time


My past work experiences I had to mold my skills. Really step away from my comfort zones and keep learning and improving. From starting as modeler and picking up video editing, rigging, light animations and vast software knowledge. I always try to have enough tools to get projects done. As the times stand ,all I really want a place to get chance to show my skills. I always push forward and I don't give up easily. Hopefully, one day I can be a leader at place. Give back what I learn along the way.

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