David Titarenco

Los Angeles, United States
Code, philosophy, logic, gaming, immigration, Christianity, and apologetics
I work as a software engineer and try to do the occasional startup in Silicon Beach. I co-wrote Introducing Meteor and edited Dart for Absolute Beginners.
  • Spark
  • Databricks
  • Microservices
  • Python
  • Scala
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I'm an expert engineer and data professional interested in consulting and architecting data pipelines. At Edmunds.com, I worked on a fairly successful ad-tech product and my team bootstrapped a data pipeline using Spark, Databricks, and microservices built with Java, Python, and Scala.

These days, I work for a "new media" company you probably heard of and, over the past year, I re-built an ETL Kubernetes stack, including data loaders and extractors that handle >10,000 API payload extractions daily.

My area of expertise includes data interoperability with Facebook Marketing, Facebook Graph, Instagram Graph, Google DFP, Salesforce, etc. That I'm a top-tier developer goes without saying. I'm interested in flexing my consulting muscle and can help with best practices, architecture, and hiring.

Would love to connect even if it's just for networking!

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Startup addict, ex-professional gamer, early Google Go contributor, and kayaking newbie.

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